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Zero Hour: Omnibus Edition

The acclaimed sci-fi serial now collected in one edition.
Available Now From Amazon and Kobo
Zero Hour Eamon Ambrose Cover

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Zero Hour Eamon Ambrose ebook cover

Zero Hour: Omnibus Edition

The bestselling post-apocalyptic serial now collected in one volume.

"Grim, dark, inventive." Hugh Howey

Chronicle Worlds:


Some of the finest indie talents come together for a unique anthology of  B-Movie inspired sci-fi and horror.

Zero Hour Eamon Ambrose Audiobook cover


Zero Hour Audiobook

Read by James Highfield. Available now on Audible and iTunes

Love and Other Algorithms Eamon Ambrose book cover

Love and Other Algorithms

Meet Frank - a personal robot who's life is about to change forever when he meets Shelley. As their relationship grows, and outside forces conspire against them, how far will they go to stay together?

Nokyo Rising Eamon Ambrose book cover

Nokyo Rising

Nokyo, a downtrodden, mischievous and slightly psychotic office robot hatches a scheme to escape from the drudgery of office life with deadly consequences, setting in motion a chilling cycle of events.

Madeleine Strange


As winter begins, a mysterious young woman arrives in a coastal town as local police make a grisly discovery.

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